Feed Gabby a Biscuit VIDEO!!

We have a BIG announcement…

…Gabby LOVES biscuits!!!

Well… that is something to shout about but it’s not what we are here for…

We are excited to announce that we are finally making video content!!!

How about a giving her a treat and see what she does?

Buy Gabby a virtual biscuit and watch her eat it!

…Seen it? She’s cute ‘ey!

And there is no way we are stopping there! We have big plans!

Stay tuned by subscribing for updates on Little Dog’s production in Blender, and for more of Gabby’s Shorts!!!

Your small contribution means so much to us, it means that we can afford to pay for our videos to go to a rendering farm and save our computer from blowing up. Literally.

We also wanted to give you back something for making a donation to us.

So… here’s a video of Gabby eating your digital contribution!

The contribution is a one-off payment to unlock this video. Just click the “feed me a biscuit!” button. Once you have completed payment (and set up a WordPress account for newbies), every time you are logged in you will be able to watch it!

We work on these videos for months and months so that we can entertain you with new content, therefore all digital works here are the intellectual property of Brawni 3D and any copying and/or distributing would be viewed as stealing our work and you may be prosecuted. Just please don’t do it!