Mice Spy

September 2021

This was a project for SnowGum Games, we collaborated for Brackeys Game Jam to the theme “Let there be Chaos”.

Click here to download and play the game!

The end result was a chaotic AI system where you would have increasing numbers of mice in a maze, and using the mice that would get “stuck” that accumulate in the game over time you would be able to give them commands to help the maze running mouse where to go or to give it a boost. The idea is for the maze running mouse to find the red staircase to progress to the next level.

I produced a quick mouse-detective inspired menu artwork for their game in Photoshop. The team had a week to produce the game from scratch and I am very impressed at the amount of work they managed to get done in such a short space of time.

I also re-sculpted and textured a mouse character for them in Blender for a future instalment of the game.

It was fun to make him fluffy!