Gabby’s venture into Blender 3.0s Pose Library

Come and explore Blender 3.0s new pose library with Gabby!

Brawni 3D

Gabby’s face rig ready for action!

Thanks to the new update from Blender, 3.0 will make animating an absolute breeze. They have introduced an Asset Library and Pose Library, where you can store your models, textures and even pre-made poses of your characters so that you can access them quickly. So much better than digging through the thousands of folders and my amateur-made library I did some time ago to access my textures…

Yes, it is a nightmare, I will fix it…

Something I haven’t had much experience with at all in the last year of Blender is animating. I’ve struggled along trying to do all of the movement and fine tweaks in my first pass and then getting frustrated when I lose track of my bones. I know, a rookie error but everyone starts somewhere. This pose library will change all of that.

Blender 3.0s Pose Library

Ok so what I have figured out so far is:

  • You can find the Pose Library in the “N” menu (the same one that shows you the dimensions of your objects and things by pressing the “N” key) underneath the “Animation” tab.
  • You must be in Pose Mode to see this “Animation” tab. (click on your armature and change Object Mode to Pose Mode.)
  • You must have all the bones selected in Pose Mode to add your pose to the Pose Library. Once you have posed your model and you’re ready to add a pose click “Create Pose Asset” in the Pose Library menu.
  • A nice little snapshot of your pose will appear in the library. It’s taken based on where your camera is in the scene. Clicking on these snapshots will change your model to the pose that you have created.
  • You can also find the Pose Library by clicking on the “Editor Type” button to access the “Asset Browser” window. So useful to have a split window interface with your Asset Browser in view so you can find your assets and add them to the scene.
  • From here you can edit your poses in the Pose Library, give them names, tags, a different image reference in this window’s “N” menu.
  • In Edit > Preferences you can set up your Blender Asset Library destination in the File Paths menu. It looks like you can have multiple libraries here too which would be useful for different projects.
  • I’m sure there is a bunch more stuff you can do with it, but already it looks really easy to use.

So using my new found Pose library, I could play around with Gabby and not have to worry about having to set a key frame for every new pose I wanted to keep. Excellent!

Gabby looking cute on her bed ❤

I could make multiple poses that I wanted to string together to make a movement VERY easily. Here is an extremely basic blockout of using just 4 poses:

Blocking just became MUCH easier!

I can see how it would be a huge time saver for animators. Gabby and I had a lot of fun and we will continue to explore Blender’s animation features a little more in the coming months and get back to you with what we discover.

Waking up in the morning be like…

Great job Blender team, I think I can speak for the 3D Art community when I say we really appreciate your commitment to giving us the opportunity to create things from our imaginations that we wouldn’t be able to without serious financial support.

Because Blender is FREE! Download Blender 3.0 here.

Thanks for reading!

We will be back soon with some more modelling progress!

This is not an affiliate post for Blender, Blender is a free and an open source software and it’s brilliant.

All works shown here were designed, sculpted, rigged, animated and rendered in ZBrush, Blender and Adobe Photoshop by Sarah Brawn. The design and sculpt of Gabby was inspired by real life photographs of Papillons.

Images of work owned and copyrighted by Brawni3D and you must request permission prior to use.

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